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If you are planning to deal with garage door problems, get some tips first

Silencing noisy garage doors

The noise in your garage door can be quickly resolved through these three simple steps: first, tighten the nuts; second, replace the rollers, and third, replace the hinges. However, these solutions can be tricky and may require professional help most of the time. Our experts can make this work easy through their comprehensive repair tools and vast experience in the field.

Important garage door concerns

As a homeowner, you want total safety and security in your residence. If you have children or young guests at home, it is important to explain to them the dangers of placing fingers between door sections. It is better to have a door with panels that cannot pinch so they will stay unharmed.

Don’t attempt to repair or install garage door springs

The springs attached to your garage door have a lot of tension in them. If you do not have the training or the expertise to remove, repair or install, leave the job to the professionals of Garage Door Repair Oradell in order to avoid injury.

Check your car remote or wall unit

When checking the remote control or wall unit, you need to first check if they can activate the garage door opener. If the remote works fine, but the wall unit fails to open the door, check the power source, the plug or the wiring. If applicable, test the batteries to check if this can fix the problem. If the problem persists, contact us at garage door repair Oradell.

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