Best Garage Door Troubleshooting Methods

Best Garage Door Troubleshooting Methods

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The best way for problem-free garage doors is maintenance. This might be old news but as fresh as it has ever been! Let's see it from a different angle! What do you do? Don't you go for annual check-up to avoid health problems? What makes you think that your overhead door doesn't need annual check-up, too? In fact, on many occasions and when the system is old or over-used, troubleshooting it more often will only have benefits to both you and the mechanism. The system will be stronger and more resistant and will last for ages. You will not have to deal with problems every now and then and you will feel more confident when you press this little button on the clicker.

What to do to check your overhead door

Best Garage Door Troubleshooting MethodsThere are tens of garage door parts and it's certainly best to avoid repairing them when there are real problems. Though, you can inspect them visually and pay attention to noises. More particularly, you should focus on main components, which will make a difference to the performance of the door or your safety if they fail to work properly. This way, you can prevent problems by fixing them as soon as possible.

  • Open and close the door. Make sure it reaches its full opening and closing position. In a different case, adjust the force up and down limits accordingly from the garage door opener unit
  • Disconnect the opener. Raise the door at your height. Does it remain still? If not, your garage door springs need adjustment
  • Check the garage door hinges. Make sure they are fastened well. Do the same for the brackets
  • Check the tracks. See if there are dents or too much dirt. Have them fixed if they are damaged and cleaned if they are dirty so that the garage door rollers will slide without problems
  • Make sure the cables are not loose and are wrapped around the drum. If you have a pulley system, make sure the pulleys are in good condition and not ready to split in two pieces

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