Aluminum Frames but Not Garage Doors

Aluminum Frames but Not Garage Doors

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What defines materials as appropriate for certain applications and inappropriate for others? Why do we get aluminum frames but we are reluctant to choose garage panels made of aluminum? The truth is that the purpose of the application will determine the most suitable materials. Local climatic conditions and expectations are also top determinants. So, when it's time for garage door replacement, choices are limited to our true needs.

Learn when aluminum is a perfect choice

Aluminum Frames but Not Garage DoorsWe may love glass doors but they won't be appropriate for locations, which suffer a lot from hurricanes. We always choose or ought to choose in accordance to some factors, which will ensure safety, security, minimum expenses on maintenance and good insulation. So, let's take a closer look at the main properties of aluminum.

• The price is certainly attractive since it's cheaper than wood, steel or glass
• It's very resistant and thus ideal for moist areas
• It comes out in a variety of colors
• It doesn't need too much maintenance
• It's lightweight and thus ideal for manual operation

Consequently, aluminum will be an excellent choice for those who don't have the money for more expensive solutions since the overall garage door price will go down. It will be a solution for those who don't want to spend too much if they're not constrained by factors that forbid the installation of aluminum doors. Though, if you do have such limitations, chances are that you'll regret having aluminum overhead doors.

Aluminum is soft and can be dented easily. If your children play around the garage door, their ball will easily damage it. The problem gets worse in hurricane prone regions, where you would need stronger doors to protect your home. Aluminum is not known for its strengths. It'll blow away very easily. When we choose new panels, our attention is usually focused on their durability. We want them to protect us and don't want to repair dents every other month.

Though, when it comes to frames, things are different. Frames do not have the size of garage doors and thus the disadvantages of aluminum do not affect their condition. On the contrary, since aluminum is softer than other materials and very resistant, it will be worked perfectly into embracing the glass panel of a door or window and it won't rust. It won't warp like wood and will provide perfect insulation since it can be matched with weather seal retainers.

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